Belkıs Dönmez



In this finely detailed sketch, a young man with a shaved head gazes pensively into the distance. The artist’s skillful use of light and shadow brings depth to the portrait, evoking a sense of vulnerability and contemplation.



This sketch captures a nude figure reclining gracefully on a bed, one arm resting over the face in a gesture of relaxation. The delicate shading and fluid lines emphasize the serenity and vulnerability of the moment, bringing the scene to life.



This portrait features a man with a prominent mustache and a steadfast gaze. The detailed rendering of his facial hair and the strong lines of his face convey a sense of determination and strength, capturing the essence of his character.



This expressive sketch depicts a man with a furrowed brow and slightly pursed lips, capturing a moment of intense thought or curiosity. The artist’s use of bold lines and shading brings depth to the portrait, emphasizing the character’s dynamic and engaging presence.



This detailed sketch of two hands reaching out to each other evokes a sense of connection and unity. The precise rendering of the fingers and the gentle shading highlight the delicate and profound nature of human touch.



A striking portrait of an older woman with flowing silver hair, her gaze steady and wise. The use of color adds depth and character, capturing the dignity and experience etched into her features.



This colored sketch depicts a young woman seated gracefully on a stool, exuding confidence and calm. The soft, blended hues and relaxed posture convey a sense of ease and introspection.



A refined sketch of a woman with her hair elegantly styled, her features composed and serene. The artist’s attention to detail in the hair and facial features adds a touch of sophistication to the portrait.



A contemplative portrait of a man with gray hair and a thoughtful expression. The subtle use of color enhances the sense of depth and introspection, reflecting a life filled with experiences and memories.


Tender Moment

A touching sketch of a young child gently resting their face against a baby's hand. The artist captures the innocence and tenderness of this moment, using soft shading to emphasize the warmth and affection between the siblings.